"Just wanted to thank you. Over the period our property was listed we sold two lots, thanks to your website. I am glad to be able to bring you some more business. We also have a spec home I will likely advertise through BC Island Homes. Thanks again."

B Jahelka, Saltair

"Thank you for all of your assistance in the sale of our Patio Home here in Comox. We managed to sell our home ourselves and we saved a great deal of money in the process. I like the way your website tracks the number of people that have looked at our listing and also the number of people that returned for a second look. The sale forms that you provided were most helpful, especially the information to the purchaser on how to purchase a home listed 'For Sale By Owner'. It gave a great deal of confidence to the people that purchased our home. Buying and selling real estate can be for some, a very emotional experience, and all of the extras that your firm provided were most helpful. We sold our property within 6 weeks of listing it at www.bcislandhomes.com and the sale went very smoothly and we are now treating ourselves to a very nice vacation with the money we saved."

H & M Bigelow, Comox

"BC Island Homes brought me a buyer within 4 days of listing. It was a case of the right people showing up at the right time. Not that it will happen this way for everyone, but I sold the house to the first couple to view it. I had done a bit of research and the price was fair to both myself and the purchasers, being able to price without figuring in realtors commission. The website for BC Island Homes is gathering more strength with each day."

J C McKay, Union Bay

"I was really impressed with the service that we received and the help and guidance to selling our home. We were surprised at the number of hits on our site and the numerous inquiries. Everything was very basic and simple. We just answered emails and questions people would ask about our home. We had several showings and finally we had a buyer. Everything went so incredibly well that it was hard to believe we did it all on our own, with of course the help from the BC Island Homes website and staff."

R & P MacEachern, Woss

"BC Island Homes for Sale is the best FSBO website by far. I have spent a lot of time looking through similar sites and none of them have the wonderful layout that BC Island Homes has. It is easy to navigate, well-organized, and the pictures are large and clear. I would heartily recommend this site to anyone buying or selling a home."

A Kerrigan, Courtenay

"The best part of using BC Island Homes to help sell our home is the communication line opened up between us and our buyers. There was no third party. We formed a great relationship with our buyers and they even had us over for supper after the deal was closed. We were also surprised at how easy the legalities and paper work are to do on our own. We will go the same path if we sell again. We only wish the home we bought was through BC Island Homes."

S Turnbull, Courtenay

"IT SOLD!!!!!! Thank you very much for your assistance in selling our home. You put it on the website on Friday, we put the sign up Sunday morning, and we had an offer that we accepted on Wednesday evening. It was from the first people that looked at the home. Thanks again. Great service and we were exceptionally happy with the way our home showed on your site. Lots of positive comments on how professional your site is and it is very easy to navigate (unlike some others!)." 

T & T Lamond, Qualicum Beach

"Hello, thank you for all your help in selling my home on Urquhart Ave. It sold right away and I had 2 back up offers. I didn't contact you sooner to tell you that it was sold because I was waiting for subjects to be removed. I will recommend your services highly. Thank You again."

M Morneau, Courtenay

"We have sold two houses, one old, one brand new, and also sold a Business through BC Island Homes.com & bcbusinessforsale.com in the last 3 years and got what we wanted for all three! People told us that they loved our pictures and also how easy your site was to find to get all of our information or even compare other listings."

G & D Spink, Comox

"I had great pleasure tacking on the SOLD sign after only 2 weeks of having the sign posted and the website running. This is the only way to sell a house, it's so easy!!"

G Schnella, Courtenay

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