The beauty of the West Coast is limitless: soaring trees, oceans and lakes, hills and mountains, farmlands and storybook towns, as well as cities and the nightlife. Simply put, there is something for everyone here on the West Coast. With picturesque views, recreation options to last a lifetime, and a strong self-sustaining agriculture, it is small wonder that locals and visitors alike love to call the West Coast “home”.  

Location is everything. There is an old real estate adage – Location. Location. Location. Buy the best house on the best street in the best community. That might be true if you are just purchasing from an investment standpoint but for most, you are looking to buy a home not just a house. It is about buying a home that fits you, in a community that fits your lifestyle. There are more than 140 communities that make up the West Coast. Your West Coast serves as a platform for you to explore these communities that we call home and, hopefully, make one of them yours.



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